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Complete Range of Water Filters in Ireland

Simply Water, driven by our passion for safe water to all, care deeply about our customers and supply only the best water filtration products. With over 30 years of experience in water filtration, we are the most trusted source to buy water filters for your home online.

Over the years, we’ve expanded our product range massively – from replacement water filters to top-notch reverse osmosis systems. You’ll be glad and excited to find your favourite products on our website, which otherwise, cannot be found anywhere in Ireland.

We are proud suppliers of water filtration products from some of the top manufacturers such as Doulton, Ecosoft, Puricom, Abode, Pentair, and more. Choose from under sink water filters, reverse osmosis systems, shower filters, tri-flow taps and many more. Our wide selection of water filters ensures just one thing – we’ve got a solution for every water problem in your home or office.

Under Sink Water Filters

Our under sink water filters are an essential addition to any kitchen. Designed to fit under a kitchen sink, these water filters significantly remove chlorine, fluoride and other organic contaminants from your water.

No matter the size, these filters can easily fit under your kitchen sink allowing high quality of drinking water straight from your kitchen tap. With low maintenance costs, they are an ideal solution for households with public water supply looking to improve their drinking water.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

For the ones looking for bottled like drinking water, reverse osmosis water filters are for you. As the water passes through multiple stages of filtration, you can rest assured of the quality of the water you’re drinking.

Our RO systems can essentially remove most contaminants from home water supply providing you with crystal clear water for drinking, cooking, baking, and other purposes. After installing a reverse osmosis system, you’ll drastically notice an improvement in the taste of your water.

Replacement Filters

To continue enjoying clean and filtered water from your water filter, it is essential to change the filters timely. We recommend changing the filters every 6 months or annually depending upon your water consumption.

We have a huge selection of replacement water filters and cartridges for your water filtration system. We only stock genuine products at our warehouse.

Kitchen Taps

A kitchen tap not only provides you water but is also a style quotient in most modern kitchens. While you have the option to go with the standard tap that accompanies most filtration systems, you can always upgrade to a better kitchen tap that complements your countertop.

We sell one way and three-way taps on our website which are beautiful, efficient, and long-lasting. Switching to a three-way tap leaves plenty of space on your sink.

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