Ecosoft Dewberry Slim 3.5 L Filter Jug


The minimalist design of the Ecosoft Dewberry filter jug makes it a refreshing update to any kitchen. Now enjoy a cleaner and better-tasting water at an affordable price. This slimline and beautiful jug should fit snugly into most fridge doors. Not only does it quench your thirst, but it also blends well with your home décor.

Benefits of Ecosoft Dewberry Water Filter

  • Great tasting water, free from any impurity
  • Removes chlorine and bad taste
  • Reduces iron, manganese, & other contaminants
  • Ideal for cooking and drinking purposes
  • Elegant and slim design
  • Easily fits in most fridges
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Manufactured using BPA-free plastic


  • Total capacity 3.5 L. Filtered water capacity 1.7 L.
  • The replacement filter features activated carbon and Ecomix® material that reduce chlorine (99%), salts, hardness, soil, microparticles, rust, pesticides, pesticides, microbes and bacteria, microorganisms and various other harmful substances. It is soaked in silver to prevent bacteria from being replicated inside the filter.
  • Special lid to protect water from dust.
  • Special nozzle to avoid spilling water unnecessarily.
  • Special non-slip “feet”.
  • Convenient ergonomic handle.
  • The pitcher should only be used for cold water.
  • Change filter every 2 months.
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