Ecozon 100 Anti-Scale Filter (For Washing Machine)


The Ecozon technology prevents scale buildup on the washing machine, thus extending its lifespan. On top of it, you save up to 30% on detergent and electricity on every wash cycle.

Ecozon 100 anti-scale filter uses Scalex filling which is designed and patented by Ecosoft. The filtration medium releases a small amount of substance into the water that prevents calcium and magnesium from forming limescale. Scalex is one of its kind filtration media which is free from phosphates and polyphosphates, thus making it harmless to human health and the environment!

Benefits of Ecozon 100 Anti-Scale Filter

  • Prevents limescale buildup on the washing machine
  • Protects heating appliances and extends their life
  • Saves up to 30% on detergent and electric bills
  • Improves efficiency & performance of washing machine
  • Soft & brighter looking clothes
  • Environment-friendly
  • Easy to install

*Note – Don’t use for drinking water

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Technical details:

Cartridge Lifespan up to 20,000 litres

Filter media volume: 100 mL

Connection Diameter: ¾”

Size: 130mm x 65mm (Height x Diameter)

Working Temperature: 4 – 30 °C

Operating Pressure: 3 – 6 bar

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