Fluoride Water Filter Add-On Kit


Highly Fluoridated water may be dangerous to your health. Drinking water with fluoride levels above 2 mg/L can lead to mottling of the teeth. Ongoing levels above 4 mg/L can result in serious health problems.

The Fluoride Reduction Water Filtration Kit can be added to any existing drinking water system installed in your home or office. Fits into 10-inch water filter housing and should be replaced every 6 months or every 500 gallons for optimal fluoride filtration. Fluoride reduction ranges between 70-95% based on a regular replacement – water quality, the volume of water passed through it, and regular testing.

No tap comes with this unit.

This cartridge and filter housing are designed to be used in conjunction with the SWS1 system. The water MUST firstly go through the SWS1 system before it goes through the fluoride system. This is not a Doulton product.

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