Doulton HIP with Ultracarb (Complete Kit)


The Doulton HIP is a high quality Food Grade Plastic housing available with connections in the head for convenient installation underneath the kitchen counter.

Included in The Complete Kit:

Doulton HIP Housing
Ultracarb Filter
Installation Kit
Faucet Tap
Adaptor and Tubing

Note: This is a complete kit.


Product Attributes

Weight 1.25 kg

Part Number W9320006

Dimensions Height: 305mm Width: 70mm

Material Food Grade Plastic

Number of Filter Candles 1

Filter Candle Type 10 inches long x 2 inches in diameter (254 x 49mm) short threaded mount

Connections 1/2 inch BSP threaded inlet and outlet

Flow Rate 300L/hour – refer to Filter Performance Table for flow rates for specific candle grades

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No-Installation, With Installation

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