Doulton HIP With Fluoride Filter


Includes Doulton HIP with Ultracarb Candle Water Filter, Fluoride Water Filter, Tap & Installation Kit – Full Water Filtration System

The Ultracarb cartridge supplied as standard with the system removes 99.99% of dangerous bacteria such as E-coli, all parasites and cysts, including cryptosporidium and it significantly reduces chlorine, pesticides, solvents, foul tastes, odours, sediments, rust and discolouration, it also removes LEAD from drinking water. This ceramic filter is so effective that it is the preferred choice of many aid agencies and embassies around the world.

A Fluoride (FL) filter cartridge is supplied with the system and proven to remove/reduce fluoride. The cartridge has an 8 cm wide plastic filter body and is filled with a medium that removes Fluoride.

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