Doulton Duo with Ultracarb and Fluoride Filter (Complete System)


DUO is a two-stage filter system. Consisting of two chambers, the DUO can be fitted with a combination of water treatment cartridges and cleanable Ultracarb® ceramic filter to treat a range of water conditions.

The system comes complete with an Ultracarb ceramic filter and fluoride removal cartridge.

Included in The Complete Kit:

Doulton DUO Housing
Ultracarb Ceramic Filter
Fluoride Removal Filter
Installation kit
Faucet Tap
Adaptor and Tubing

Note: This is a complete kit.

Product Attributes

Weight 1.76 kg
Part Number W9380008
Range Food Grade Plastic
Dimensions Height: 344mm Width: 107mm
Number of Pre Filters 1
Number of Filter Candles 1
Filter Candle Type Ultracarb: 10inches long x 2inches in diameter (254x49mm) short threaded mount
Connections 3/8″ push fit inlet and outlet suitable for connection to flexible plastic pipe
Flow Rate Up to 240 litres/hour @ 60psi (4bar) supply pressure, but this will depend upon the combination of filter elements fitted.
For optimal efficiency a flow rate of 2 litres per minute is recommended.


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