10″ Jumbo PP Spun Sediment Water Filter Cartridge


10″ Jumbo PP Spun Sediment water filter cartridge. For the removal of sediment, dirt, rust, and particles. Used as a first filtration stage. Due to its larger surface area, this 10″ Jumbo PP sediment water filter cartridge allows for much greater and efficient filtration than other smaller sediment filter cartridges.

Features Of PP Sediment Cartridges

  • Manufactured from 100% polypropylene using the melt-blown process
  • Formed by thermal bond without binders and adhesives. 
  • 100% PP for compatibility with a wide range of fluids.
  • High contaminant holding capacity for longer life and lower pressure drop.

 The Benefits Of PP Sediment Cartridges

  • Extends the life of carbon filters
  • PP sediment cartridges are single use – this removes the risk of bacteria growing in them and contaminating the filter system
  • Low price
  • Easy to change/maintain
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