10″ Fluoride Removal Cartridge


Fluoride Drinking Water Filter Cartridge – Fits only  “LWFL”, “STSWS1LWFL” &”SFSF3WTA” Systems

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in the soil, water, plants and many foods. Added to the water by Irish Water, in an attempt to prevent tooth decay and strengthen bones

The easiest & most cost-effective way to remove Fluoride from your drinking water

The filter is proven to remove/reduce fluoride by 99%

Excess Fluoride in your drinking water can lead to serious ongoing health issues such as Thyroid dysfunction, Neurological issues possibly leading to ADHD, lower fertility, high blood pressure, etc.

Fewer than 2% of Europe’s population has fluoridated water and Ireland is one of the few countries still adding fluoride to the drinking water supply

The cartridge has an 8cm wide plastic filter body and is filled with a medium that removes Fluoride

This Cartridge is compatible with the following systems: LWFL (formerly SWFL), SFSF3WTA & STSWS1LWFL

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