1/2″ Female to 1/2″ Male with 3/8″ Shut off Tap Connector – John Guest


Angle stop valve 1/2″ BSP female thread to 1/2″ bsp male thread & 3/8″ adaptor with a shut-off tap to successfully install Doulton under sink water filtration units

John Guest ASV8 1/2″ Bsp female thread to 1/2″ Bsp male thread adaptor with a side shut of tap with 3/8″ push in tube fitting.

The ASV8 adaptors are the easiest way to connect into 1/2″ water lines to branch off to a water filter.

The female end has a swivel thread with a rubber sealing washer which allows you to tighten the fitting without having to turn the complete adaptor, which is great for those hard to get to areas.

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